June 8, 2018

Listen to yourself, trust your intuition

Relying on and trusting in my own decisions. Some of which include super high slits.

I have just come through the other end of two years of feeling like I know nothing. When you think you know yourself and your life, and you actively work towards creating the life you want for yourself, and then things don’t go how you planned, it’s easy to start to feel like you know nothing; not yourself, not what’s best for you and certainly not how to get where you’re trying to go in life.

I agree that the beginning of wisdom is the point at which you realise that there is in fact so much that you don’t know about life and that every single thing is subject to change. But, it’s important to never let that get in the way of believing in yourself. I really lost belief in myself. I asked everyone for their opinions and trusted everyone’s point of view, except mine. I totally underestimated the effect of this on my life and my work.

I am just now realising that because of my self-awareness and the constant work I do to learn and unlearn things about this world, I am right where I should be. And now more than ever, I believe in myself. That trust in my ideas and decisions has been restored.

3 thoughts on “Listen to yourself, trust your intuition”

  1. Simplement Lui says:

    Experience should help to build self-confidence … don’t be afraid to be in a continuous learning mode as it will help you to grow day after day!

    Superb outfit, extremely chic and classy with this gorgeous skirt!


  2. Ekpo Janet says:

    Believing in myself has always been a great decision, it wasn’t easy but With God and hard work, I started doing the must, this is a great piece.

  3. Bruna Fondo says:

    Thank God for these gems of reassurance when believing in yourself and your choices isn’t as natural as it should be tbh. Also fitness inspo with the legs.

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