December 29, 2012

Katniss; The Girl On Fire

I am so backlogged on posts due to my travels but I just had to interrupt the chronological flow with this one. I am currently on holiday in the Seychelles where I landed this morning after a few days in Dubai.
When I am flying, I sleep as though I've been drugged, completely ignoring all the food and duty free carts.
This morning while on the flight, I woke up suddenly as though someone had nudged me to but I would later realize that it was nothing but my sunrise loving instincts. Indeed, I looked to my left and behold, the greatest sunrise I have ever observed in my life. I thought to myself 'damn this window, all I need is to be suspended in a comfortable leather chair in the skies. Just me and my sun'. However, as I snapped and snapped away, my camera came to realize how much this meant to me and we began to work together in complete unison. The results of this co-operative efforts lie proudly in the photos below. The skies were on fire, my world was on fire. I felt inexplicable joy and life made complete sense. I thanked my mum profusely for the window seat she gave up for me and then I thanked God for the unimaginable beauty he has bestowed upon the world. I couldn't help but name the sun at this particular moment. I refer to her as 'her' because only a girl could muster such fiery undying passion. This sunrise had stamina, going on for longer than an hour. And I continued to stare until it had disappeared, leaving only perfectly formed clouds behind. I named her Katniss because of the way she set the world on fire. If you have read the Hunger Games, you would understand this. If not, you might be thinking 'what a load of crap' or you might still be thinking that even if you have read it because I mean, this is the sun I am writing a freaking essay about.












2 thoughts on “Katniss; The Girl On Fire”

  1. M says:

    Aww these pictures you captured are beautiful and I love your description. Hope you enjoyed/enjoy your travels 🙂

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Thankyou! 🙂

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