July 6, 2012

Days 11&12- Nha Trang

DSC_0058 (4)

DSC_0079 (5)

DSC_0130 (4)

A boat tour to four different pretty islands on which there was a floating bar and chilling in my hotel room trying to recover from the crazy fast-pace of this holiday pretty much summed up my stay in Nha Trang.
I just realised I have never been in the same place for more than 2 days! Yikes!
After Nha Trang, I went off to catch a horrible 10 hour sleeper train to Hoi An. As much as I'm having an amazing holiday, I am actually also experiencing local life here which is not always glam. Those sleeper trains, are not glam. But I'm not complaining, that was the point...of a GAP YAHH!

Now, your turn!

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