June 4, 2015


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Adidas T-Shirt Dress, Adidas Leggings, Adidas Superstars (love this colour!)

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Food is my greatest weakness and not being fat is my biggest struggle. I put on a lot of weight over the past few months- I was working out as usual but got a bit lazy with my eating habits. I always say that I'm a fat girl at heart. I don't like many things but when I like something, I can't get enough. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, butterkist sugar popcorn, chin chin and vanilla sponge cake? Come home to mama. We all have different body types and for me, if I eat carboydrates or any of the above, I put on weight. I don't even have to binge, I just have that body type.

I hate not feeling comfortable with my body- clothes not fitting how they should, not being confident in a bikini and all of that stuff. It's my pet peeve. Unfortunately, my body type is such that I have to work crazy hard to keep the fat off. You cannot outrun (or out burpee) a bad diet and a healthy eating lifestyle is key to losing weight and keeping it off. But, exercise is also incredibly important.

I prefer to work out early in the mornings before my work day starts. It puts me in a better mood, makes my mind more alert, makes me feel like I can conquer anything the day throws at me and puts an extra bounce in my step. I'm a beast in the mornings. But, I sometimes work out after work as well. I started to get really bored of my workout routine as I had been doing the exact same things for the past year. Then, I discovered Classpass and that changed everything.

Classpass gives you access to the best fitness classes in town and you can have access to it if you're based in any of these cities:

It has been the highlight of the past few weeks for me as I've already discovered some of the best classes and had my best workout of all time. HIIT training is now the absolute love of my life. I love to bust my ass for 45 minutes until I start seeing stars (a little exaggeration never hurt nobody) rather than workout for two hours. My favourite class on Classpass so far has been Hiitgym. It is 45 minutes of straight up beastmode but honestly, the best workout ever. I've also heard great things about spin classes at 1 Rebel and boxing classes. I'm so excited to try out every single studio in London! This has really put the fun back in to working out.

Check out what studios and gyms you have access to in your city and Sign up to Classpass here.


6 thoughts on “CLASSPASS AND ADIDAS”

  1. Amidatu Williams says:


    I have being a fan of your blog for a longtime and this my first time commenting.

    I like the whole concept of your blog and your style. I love how you blend highstreet and designer clothing together.
    Think you have a great style.

    I have always wanted to start a blog but could never find the strength to do it. I’m thinking of starting now…what advice can you give a new starter blogger?


  2. Jessi Malay says:

    Great post, love that look on you!!
    Amazing photos love!

    XOXO, Jessi

  3. You are looking super cool in that outfit!!
    Nice Photos!

  4. Pashmina Faith says:

    You have the sweetest style! Love that you Adidas Sports gear.


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