April 25, 2017


and what they mean to me.

It’s been five weeks since More Life was released giving us more than enough time to dissect the album after having it on constant repeat. My favourite Drake album of all time still remains Take Care but this was great too. I preferred it to Nothing Was The Same which was a work of art in itself. So, here are my favourite quotes from More Life. There are more than enough one-liners to steal for our instagram captions.

1. Women I like was ignoring me. Now they’re like ‘aren’t you adorable?’Free Smoke
Yup, I totally get it. Just like my high school bullies who want to slide in my instagram DM’s now. Excuse me, do I know you?

2. How you let the kid fighting ghost writing rumours turn you into a ghost?Free Smoke
We all have so much to learn from the Drake and Meek Mill beef. I think what I learned above all is to always and forever mind my own business. And then ofcourse; that if you can’t run with the big dogs, you better stay on the porch.

3. A lot of niggas going bad on me, please one at a time. I want to move to Dubai so I don’t ever have to kick it with none of you guys.Free Smoke
Some days human beings just seem so alien and I want to get away from everybody. Am I weird, or is everyone fucking crazy? Questions that will never be answered.

4. Listen. Seeing you got ritualistic. Cleansing my soul of addiction for now cause I’m falling apart. – Passionfruit
Ever get so uncomfortably used to someone that you have to go completely cold turkey on them just to remind yourself (and sometimes them) of your completeness and the fact that you don’t need them? No? Addictive personality woes.

5. Told me I’m lookin’ exhausted, you hit it right on the nose. I’m tired of all of these n*ggas. I’m tired of all of these hoes.Jorja Interlude
Anyone else have days where they just stay in their house the entire day simply because they’re too tired for human interaction? Too tired to deal with anyone’s ego or feelings. We’re such complex beings.

6. They turn they back and they leave you, they gon’ be back when they need you.Jorja Interlude
They always come back. The question is whether to be gracious and let them back in again?

7. You know, we don’t have to be dramatic. Just romantic.Get It Together
Why does everyone these days want to play games? Can we just double triple text and do cute things for each other? I’m not with trying to prove that I care less, especially when I probably care more. Can we just live?!

8. I seen man turn fool for the money one too many times. I seen some girls turn they back on they best friend from time.Madiba Riddim
Constant reminder not to chase the world and lose your soul. Peace of mind above every additional zero to the bank account.

9. Anointed and protected, I was chosen.Madiba Riddim
None of this is a coincidence, I’m here for a greater purpose. I’ve been chosen to walk this path, to build this huge life and inspire other people to discover and embrace their purpose.

10. Cause I know what I like. I know how I wanna live my life. I don’t need no advice. You’re not here and we both know why.Blem
You just do you, imma do me.

11. I know I fear trust, I know I fear fear too much.4422
Funny how I become more fearful as I grow up and how terrified I am of living with so much fear. Also, Trust. Is that even a real emotion? Or is it an emotion that you just decide to adopt- mind over matter? Because, how do you actually trust anyone?

12. I don’t take naps. Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that.Gyalchester
When the paper chase becomes so real that you become an insomniac without even realising it.

13. Check my account, it’s a madness.Skepta Interlude
Mood when I get paid the most I’ve ever been paid for a job. But also mood when all the direct debits hit on the same day and I feel very poor.

14. Fake fuck with me back then but it’s gettin’ hard for you to fake it now. Fuck being rich when I’m forty, man, I’m tryna make it now.Portland
This is how I feel when people tell me how ‘you’re doing so well for your age’. Nah, I’m trying to be rich now. Today.

15. Couple niggas from the city wishin’ on a star, could they be like Drake. Sorry, no, not today, you gotta find your own way.Sacrifices
Not everyday ‘be humble’. Sometimes, boss up on them and let them know.

16. N*ggas see me in person. First thing they say is, “I know you need a break.” Hell naw, I feel great, ready now, why wait? – Sacrifices
I’m very much ‘team no days off’.

17. We seeing so many blessings, shit don’t make no sense.Sacrifices
Working for days like this, cannot freaking wait. Everything’s on me when the time comes.

18. Out of body. That’s just how I feel when I’m around you, shawty. Last night we didn’t say it but girl, we both thought it. Why second guess? I should have stayed. You say the word, I’m on the way. This shit feels like teenage fever.Teenage Fever
Never felt this way, can’t wait to feel this way.

19. Studio right in my yard. I’m doin’ ten in a week. How long I been on this streak? Dream about work in my sleep. -KMT
Ever wake up and just get out of bed because you’re not getting any rest as all you’re doing is thinking about work anyway?

20. I heard your new shit and I’m kissin’ my teeth.KMT
I just love the levels of disrespect involved in this line.

21. The city gets stronger when everybody is speaking, not when everybody out here beefing. Lose You
Too many people are still yet to realise that everyone wins when we all come together to share resources and champion each others’ work.

22. Went and got diplomas, and we still going dumb.Lose You
Graduation day instagram caption. Yes.

23. I need to start sayin’ shit when I notice it. Be open with people I need some closure with. Be honest with myself and take ownershipLose You
Striking the balance between saying enough but not saying too much, confronting when necessary but not messing with your peace of mind and energy.

24. Winning is problematic. People like you more when you working towards something, not when you have it. Lose You
It becomes a little too much for them when you actually achieve what they supported you all along to achieve. Somewhere deep down, they didn’t actually believe that you would do it.

25. But you’re mindful of it all when your mind full of it all. – Lose You
Kind of miss those carefree days where everything was done thoughtlessly and all these moves weren’t so calculated.

26. Damn, I must be coachin’, ’cause I’m not playin’ with them. Can you not see the difference? I mean, I keep the fuckin’ lights on in the buildin’. Man, my record deal should be 500 million, goddamn.Can’t Have Everything
100% here for the levels of arrogance here because every last word can be backed up. Facts. Love it.

27. Me and being broke finally broke up.Glow
It’s about time that I got to the place where I never have to be broke ever again. Anticipating.

28. That’s when they smile in my face, whole time they wanna take my place.Fake Love
I go off of energy. I might not see everything, but I feel everything.

29. I still need some satisfaction. A little less talk and a little more action.Ice Melts
Dealt with enough people at this stage of life to know that for many people, words mean nothing. Let’s feel what you talkin’ bout.

30. I don’t want to have to go to funerals. I gotta start sleepin’ at the studio. I don’t have no time to be no Romeo. All the love I need is at the rodeo. All the love I need is here at OVO.Do Not Disturb
When your squad is so real that all the love you need is right there, at home. Love it.

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