January 11, 2013

Around The Sreets and Corners of Mahé Island

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I'm in love with that last picture of my beautiful mother who is the reason why we got to travel to the Seychelles (thankyou, you're the best, but you knew that already).

I just really found it difficult to grasp that there are inhabitants of a place as beautiful as the Seychelles. I mean they live there, 3-6-5. They get to see this all the time and are used to it. They know no different and this is probably not even breathtakingly beautiful to them. That's really weird. Touring Mahé and interacting with the locals, who by the way, were so friendly (more photos of them to come as some of them deserve their own individual posts) was one of the highlights of my trip.
We drove round the windy streets, frequently stopping to take in the views. We also visited some iconic sites such as an old boarding school that was home to freed slaves and the town itself.
My camera did not stop clicking as Mahé did not stop showing off it's beauty.
I really really love this place.

P.S how stunning are the pictures of that cat. Plus, they are completely unedited! However, you can be sure that I did not get that close to it! I used my zoom lens which is the perfect stalking equipment. I don't do cats. Especially not stray ones with green piercing eyes. They do make for perfect pictures though.

P.P.S my top is tailor-made from my trip to Vietnam last summer, shorts are Zara, sandals are Zara and sunglasses are Fendi. You can find my sunglasses in Bicester Village.

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